In Sanskrit ‘Jigyasa’ stands for Curiosity.

Curiosity has been the basis for all human growth and learnings. Nothing could have been achieved if human being were not curious about thier envrionment and surroundings. The newton was curious about falling of apple, so were Adam and Eve about the fruits from tree of knowledge. Galileo was curious about universe.

Jigyasa‘ is an organization to bring back this Curiosity into our Education System. We are trying to leverage the knowledge and experience of thousands of researchers and teachers from all over the world to understand:

  • How present Education System can be improved to make it more Interesting?
  • How can we bring more Innovation in human life through education?
  • How Creativity can be encouraged through education?
  • How Education can help Individuals realize their full potential?

Join us in ‘Jigyasa’, the Quest for Curiosity